Turn Table


Turn Table is built on MS Square frame with external SS 304 cladding. Solid guide rail & reduction gear box for jerk less & noiseless performance. Turn Table is useful to load the bottles or to create buffer during line operation or to receive bottles at the end. It ensures total synchronization, uniform flow of containers and to divert a line at 90 degree to suit different layouts in automatic filling lines.


Containers are loaded in turn table manually or received from previous machine through conveyor. Containers will rotate on disk of turn table and exit through outlet. During rotations, containers will be guided by an SS strip towards outlet path.

Technical Specifications


Clockwise / Anti clock wise as per requirement

RPM of Disk

7-14 RPM through ACVFD

Power Characteristics*

0.5 HP/415 V/50 Hz

Height of Disk*

860 mm ± 50 mm

Input Specifications

Container Size*

Round Shape

Ø 20 mm to Ø 50mm

35 mm to 100 mm

(Height option for other bottle height available)

* Can be customized.

Salient Features

·         Rigid MS structure with SS 304 cladding.

·         Rotating top plate is made of aluminum plate and cladded with SS 304 sheet.

·         Special self-aligning bearings ensure smooth and trouble free operation.

·         Suitable for different size of containers with minor adjustment.

·         Elegantly Matt Finished exterior.

·         Branded reduction gears ensure jerk free and noiseless operation.

·         Speed control through ACVFD.

Utility Requirement

Electrical supply

Single Phase + Neutral + Earthing

Electrical load

0.5 KW

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