Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer

Product Code :- KEAPM-1
Category Name :- Manufacturing Tanks, Turn Tables & Conveyors


Jacketed Planetary Mixer is used in Pharmaceutical, Fine Chemical, and Food Industries. The desecration system in the mixer prevents the paste from becoming a lump. This Planetary Mixer Vacuum type With Jacketed Bow is ideal for proper mixing of creams and lotions of different viscosities, densities and proportions. The Jacketed Planetary Mixer has a stainless steel bowl and beater that operates at high speed. The beater rotates inside the bowl in planetary motion for proper mixing. This Jacketed Planetary Mixer manufactured using medical grades of steel, these bowls are precisely engineered, ensuring durability and reliability of these mixers. The Bowl are made out of the Stainless Steel Prime Material Quality as per Company Requirement. The Bowl will be made of S.S.316 and 4 mm thickness which will be in contact with your material. The Jacket will be made of S.S.304 and 4mm thickness.The Insulation Jacket will be made of S.S.304 and 2.5 mm thickness.


Power Characteristics*

3 HP motor/ 415 Volts / 50 Hz (Non-Flameproof)


4 KW


2 HP Three Phase motor /415 Volts / 50 Hz.


Vacuum Pump

1 HP Three Phase motor /415 Volts / 50 Hz.


Total Weight

400 Kg.

Bowl Capacity

100 Kg working capacity.(As per your requirements)


·         S.S. Elegantly matt finished body.

·         Inside Mirror finished.

·         Contact parts S.S.316.

·         Planetary motion of the beaters give intimate and homogeneous mixing of products.

·         The mixer operates under the vacuum and is designed to remove air entrapment of the product

during mixing.

·         Manufactured using stainless steel of grade 304, the contact parts of the bowls in made using

approved stainless steel 316 grade.

·         An inline Homogenizer is attached for proper mixing of the product.

·         The mixer has double beaters open type that covers full cross section of product in bowl.

·         The mixer also has also has a scrapper that is designed for uniform mixing.

·         Easy process control is allowed with electrical control panel, which has back up fuses and indicator


·         Pressure gauge and safety valve connection.

·         Light for Visibility.

·         Hydraulic jack for cleaning.


Electrical supply

Three Phase+Neutral+Earthing

Electrical load

18 KW