Fully Automatic Lami And Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Fully Automatic Lami And Plastic Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Product Code :- KEALTFSM-1
Category Name :- Tube Filling Machines

Fully-Automatic Tube Filling & Sealing Machine work on volumetric principle The unit is made compact, versatile and enclosed in stainless steel elegantly matt finish body, Reciprocating Nozzle with self-centering devices & SS Syringe. No tube No filling system arrangement is standard features of the machine. Tail cutting controlled by air flesh (pneumatically).Tubes are loaded automatically from the container. SS hopper of 25 kg Capacity.


he Tubes are automatically loaded on the subsequent indexing part with the I-mark sensing of rotating platform and are filled in series of operations. Specially designed Tube holders provided to hold Tube with neck diameter. The Tubes are loaded in an Inverted position in these cup shaped holders. The Nozzle filling is done when tubes are stopped. After filling the sealing head and batch coding device are performing perfect operation of crimping and coding of mfg. date & batch no. etc on one side.



30 To 35 Tubes Per Minute

Direction of Movement

Left To Right

Number of head

1 Nos.

Fill Size***

05 Gms To 150 Gms



Main Motor

1 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz  (Non-Flameproof)

Change parts required

(A)   Syringes, (B) Nozzle, (C) Cups (D) Heating Assly (E) Tube Loading Bracket.

Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)**

1250 mm X 950 mm X 2250 mm

Net Weight

550 Kgs.

Gross Weight

850 Kgs.


Tube Diameter**

Ø 16 mm to Ø 40 mm

Tube Length**

90 mm to 160 mm

* Depends on bottle size fill size, Neck diameter of bottle, and liquid characteristics etc.

** Can be customized.

*** With the help of change parts.


·         Robust construction, heavy duty base, S.S. elegantly matt finished body.

·         No tube no filling system.

·         Suitable for filling water to viscous products like cream, ointment, paste, etc.

·         I-Mark Orientation.

·         Automatic Tube Loading.

·         ± 1% filling accuracy on single dose.

·         Easy to clean.

·         Hot air blow system.

·         Elegant and easy control panel for total control on operation.

·         MCB for over load protection, and prevent against short circuit.

·         Coding device for coding one side with 10 digit Nos.

·         Change parts required to fill different fill size.

·         Minimum charge overtime, from one size to another container or fill size.

·         Geneva Mechanism.

·         Aluminum Tube Holder.

·         Easy loading and unloading

·         S.S.316 Hopper of approximately 25 Kgs.


Electrical supply

Three Phase + Neutral + Earthing

Electrical load

4 KW

Air Pressure: Minimum

7 Kg Working pressure

Water Supply

Preferred if chilled water supply