Oil Filling Machine

We are an oil filling machine manufacturer based in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Our oil filling machine is the best in quality and known for exceptional performance.

Within the packing procedure, the oil filling machine performs a critical function. They are known for offering unique types of oil filling which include oil. Today, most of the oil companies demand automatic oil filling equipment and Kashyap Engineering is a leading manufacturer of the finest automatic oil filling machine offering at affordable prices. One can now easily purchase this machine and increase its production rate.

This machine can fill a variety of oil like cooking oil, edible oil, lubrication oil, mustard oil, palm oil, and many more. It doesn't matter what type of oil you need to fill and pack; the automatic oil filling machine can handle any type of oil filling process.

How Does The Oil Filling Machine Works?

Because oil is viscous, the device uses vacuum filling pressure to fill it. This pressure ensures a high level of productivity. The machinery cleans and dries the bottles properly before filling them. After that, the bottles are transported by conveyor to a section where they are under pressure. The bottle pressure is put under environmental pressure in this portion. As a result, the filling process becomes simple.

The Oil Filling Machine starts out slowly, filling low-pressure bottles. It places each bottle under the filler, which then fills it to a specific level. This filler has complete control over the flow of oil. When the bottles are filled one by one, the conveyor transports them to the sealing section ahead of schedule. The bottles are handled with caution by the conveyor because they are no longer sealed. When the bottles reach the sealing segment, the sealing arm tightly closes each bottle with caps. The arm firmly secures the caps on the packing containers, ensuring that they do not fall out throughout the distribution or shipping process. Following that, the bottles are taken to the labelling section.

The device locations are labelled on the bottles in this segment. Clients are able to fully comprehend the goods as a result of this. A labelling arm on the automatic oil filling machine adheres labels to bottles and transports them to the packaging section.

When the oil bottles are ready for packaging, the arm of this device alternates each container and inserts it into the card racks. It fills each rack one by one, then neatly wraps everything up for transportation.

Our Product

Oil Filling Machine

Oil filling Machine

Kashyap Engineering is a Leading Manufactuurer of Oil Filling Machine in Gujarat, India. These are highly appreciated by our clients for the exclusive designs, performance and long service life.