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Tube Filling Machine

Aluminum Tube filling Crimping, and Batch-coding Machine is strong and minimal in configuration and is easy to work. Fitted with a non-return valve beneath the Stainless Steel fundamental filling block, these machines comprise of an aluminium-turning circle that has an interchangeable tube holding attachments for various tube sizes. Tube filling machine used in pharmaceuticals, foods, adhesive, cosmetics, chemicals, paint and others industries. We are leading tube filling machine manufacturers in India.

tube filling machine


Technical Specification:

Filling speed for Aluminium

80 to 90 tube per/min

Filling speed  for lami

60 to 70 tube per/min

Filling range

5 to 50 gm interchangeable syringe and piston

Tube size

Max. Dia - 25 mm, length - 70 to 180 mm

Operator require

One operator

Power consumption

6 Kw.

Compressor air

6 to 7 kg/PSI

Net weight

500 Kg.

Gross weight

600 Kg.


L - 48", W - 36", H - 96"

Salient Features:

  • Manually Tube feeding
  • Rotary type & compact design
  • Filling range 5 gm to 50 gm
  • Filling accuracy ± 0.1 %
  • Correct & uniform filling
  • No tube no filling device
  • For Aluminum tube Crimping done by mechanical
  • For Lami & Plastic tube sealing, coding & cutting by Pneumatic cylinder
  • Hot air system for tube sealing by leister heater & blower
  • Batch coding Number (Male or Female) also available
  • Tube cooling by water pump to circulate water outside tube portion for improve sealing quality
  • Quick changeover from aluminum to lami tubes
  • No tails is occur after filling time
  • All the contact parts in S.S. 304/316/316L as per your requirement
  • Production counter available on control panel to indicate number of tube filled
  • Lower maintenance require
  • Automatic tube ejection